Boulan Park Middle School

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Welcome to Boulan Park Middle School - HOME OF THE BRONCOS!

In the Spotlight

Wrestling Information:  We start Wrestling practice Wednesday, February 21. There will be a bus that will transport wrestlers from Boulan Park, right after school, to Troy High School. Practice will start in the Aux. Gym as soon as you get there. The Bus number will be given to you Wednesday. You must have an athletic physical to participate. The season is only a month long, so you need to get there and let us give you the tools you need to compete against the other three Troy Middle Schools. You guys looked great when you were wrestling last Wednesday – Come out and have that kind of fun everyday! Be the first Middle School kid to learn a “lateral drop” or a “fireman’s carry” or a “3/4” or a “1/2 from the knees” – Learn to takedown, turn and pin!