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ExploraVision is a science competition for K–12 students of all interest, skill, and ability levels. The competition encourages students to combine their imaginations with the tools of science to create and explore a vision of a future technology.


Students work in groups of two, three or four, and are guided by a team coach and an optional mentor. Each team selects a technology, or an aspect of a technology, which is present in the home, school, or community, or any other technology relevant to their lives. They will explore what the technology does, how it works, and how, when, and why it was invented. The students must then project into the future what that technology could be like 20 years from now and determine what scientific breakthroughs need to occur to make it a reality.


To download an ExploraVision brochure, please click here.

Students will meet every other week with Mrs. Koneval to check the progress of the project. Students will do the majority of the work outside of school on their own time.  A mentor is optional and usually a parent of a member of the group.  The mentor meets and serves as a resource to the group while working on the project.

Meeting Dates

*Meetings will take place in room 909 from 2:45-3:45 p.m.

October: 11 and 25

November: 8 and 29

December: 13

January: 17 and 31

February: 7

Project deadline:  February 8, 2019