We will be creating a Registration page in the Academics section 

Step 1

Create Resource Folders and Gallery Folders to upload and add our documents (Titles and Alt Text will be added to each Resource upon upload)

Let's review the documents we need to upload; decide how many folders we will need.  For this section, we only have 1 folder named Registration Info.

Let's Create the Registration Info Folder in Resources.
  1. Click Resources Folder Icon and find your school's Resource folder.
  2. Click the dots after the main/parent folder, click +Folder and name with your school abbreviation and folder name - BOU_Registration Info.
  3. Click the +Public Resource button (upper right corner) and Select or Drag Files in the window.  Find your files and upload.
  4. After upload, all of your files will need to have a Title and Alt Text added.  Click on each item and add these features.

Step 2

Create the Registration page in Composer

Step 3

Set the Navigation Menu and Page Layout

Step 4

Add Elements to support and display the page information