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The students at BOULAN PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL are given the opportunity to succeed in many different areas. Our students go above and beyond to work to build their character and to make our school and district World Class. We are extremely proud of all that our students have accomplished. The BOULAN BOBCATS are a huge reason that the Troy School District is a place where tradition begins, pride shines, and excellence excels. This month we are spotlighting the following student(s), class(es) and/or staff member(s) for their outstanding contribution(s), achievement(s) or creative idea(s).  Read all about them below.

September 2022




is a student who lives and breathes all things school! She LOVES everything about it and literally wishes she could live there. She is the kindest, sweetest girl who is always willing to give a helping hand or a hug. She truly cares about everyone! Her positive attitude always puts a smile on my face! She definitely deserves to be in the Spotlight!


is so talented, yet also very humble and thoughtful! He comes to class every day prepared to listen and learn.  He then goes out and gives me everything he has in his tank, a full 100%. What a pleasure it is to have in class! I always look forward to having him walk into the gym.   He is a Martell Mustang student and has earned his way to being a Spotlight Student!


is a hard working 5th Grader who is always looking for the next big challenge. She is one of the kindest students I have worked with and is such a wonderful helper in so many other areas. Not only does Ella help with our everyday tasks (cleaning the room, stacking chairs, etc.), but she also steps up and helps her peers who might have questions on their assignments. Ella works well with all students and is a classmate that everyone can count on. We are lucky to have her in our class and represent all of us on the Spotlight board!



is such a thoughtful and kind person to all of her classmates, and when one of them might be having an off-day, I just know I’m going to see her encouraging them and trying to help in any way she can.  I have been so impressed with her willingness to put others first in such an unselfish way. She always gives me her personal best and it has really been awesome to see Kamrie develop into such a sweetheart! She totally deserves to be in the Spotlight!