Boulan Park Middle School

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Welcome to Boulan Park Middle School - HOME OF THE BRONCOS!

More Destination Imagination news!

Congratulations to our Broncos who won 1st place in the engineering challenge at Destination Imagination's regional competition.  They participated at the middle school level in the tournament held on Feb 25th.  


Using only balsa wood and glue they needed to create a load bearing structure to solve an international problem between two or more nations.  Their structure weighed <25gm and held more than 350lbs of weight to address the Middle East situation.



Kenny Huang - 6th grade @ Boulan Park Middle School

Krish Ghosalkar - 6th grade @ Boulan Park Middle School

Nihil Suthy - 6th grade @ Boulan Park Middle School

Vikram Saxena - 6th grade @ Boulan Park Middle School